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Can I ask something?
So I can understand the concept of "White Washing" and how portraying POC or characters relating to other ethnicity white is clearly not ok, almost hounded to death, especially on Tumblr. 
Then why portraying a white character as a POC considered ok?
I've been on tumblr for about....a few months now, and I've seen a fair few examples of white characters as POC. (I'm not counting cosplay in this grouping. Drawing only). And these arts are given likes and compliments and whatnot.
But If I see someone doing the opposite, making a POC character white (See: ) that suddenly isn't ok?
I just don't understand sometimes.
If people are going to complain about POC being protrayed white, then they should complain too about white people being protrayed as POC.
Thats what I think anyway.
:iconapricotthevixen:Apricotthevixen 1 15
Mixel Name References
Just wanted to list off the references my Mixel OC names are puns/references on. XD
This will be added to with any new Mixel OC!
Tommerton - Automaton
Cogger - Cogger (someone that works with cogs)
Chuggchoo - Chug + Choo-Choo
Payzli - Paisley
Cawma - Caw + Karma
Quarius - Aquarius
Hedbangz - Headbangs
Zgremo - Screamo
Katawall - Caterwaul
Kybosh - Kibosh
Umbur - Umber
Voyd - Void
Cherri - Cherry Bomb
Squibb - Squib (spark-spewing firework)
Farow - Pharaoh's Serpent (a type of firework)
Finnak - Fennec Fox 
Sputter - Butterfly/Sputter
Mitey - Mite + Mighty
Emdi - MD
Poppie - Popping Pills
Healeech - Heal + Leech
Tri-eye - Tri + Eye
Tarat - Tarot + Tara
Soulem - Soul + Golem
Shorder - Short Order
Waiern - Waffle Iron
Freezi - Freeze
Cheerub - Cheer + Cherub
Deerest - Deer + Dearest
Passinova - Passion + Cassinova
Decorangle - Decorate + Angler
Strumbler - Streamer + Tumbler
Gecbow - Gecko + Bow
Freakbug - Freak + Stinkbug
Raffie - Rafflesia (stinky flower)
Mutilegg - Mutilate
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To Discover The Strength In The Big And Small
To Learn All We Can To Catch Them All
To Fight Back With Knowledge Against Ignorance
To Use Our Research As Deliverance
Team Mystic Learns All; Our Knowledge Is Might
Surrender Now Or Prepare To Fight!

Tiny winter night by UszatyArbuz

Welcome To My Profile!

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[ Moe Kitty Motivation ] Waiting List by PrinceProcrastinate

- Sakura Tea AT :iconkaijudragon:

-Dancing OC COM :iconmixtopiangabe14:

If You Were Mention Up Here Then Please Hurry Up With My RQ/AT/COM =^_____^=

(I'm Not Rushing Anyone That Was Mention Above)

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Newest Deviations

Where this pear came from! :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 2 0 Valentines Day Card :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 1 0 A Robot In Youtube School :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 8 0 Cocoa Cookie Kin Stamp (F2U) :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 4 0
The Mouse And The Pumpkaboo (Songhood TF/TG/MC)
Aogielon And His Friend Drake Were At The Park Talking About What Happen Last Week To Tricia (Who Is Now A Pumpkaboo), "And Then I Saw Her She Was So Small Yet So Adorable" Said Drake, "Hey Calm Down! " Said Aogielon "We Will Find The Person Who Turn Our Friend Into That Thing", They Walked Off Until The Found Tricia The Pumpkaboo Being Chase By A Small Mouse "H-Help!" Yelled The Small Pumpkin "Wait Do You Hear That?" Questioned Drake "I Think Someone Here With Us" Said Aogielon, "Stay Close And Don't Wonder Off!".
"Ok" Said Drake As They Begin Look Around "Aah!" Yelled The Small Pumpkin Again, "There Is It Again!" Said Drake "I Know That!" Yelled Aogielon "Come On Follow That Pumpkin!" They Begin To Chase After The Pumpkin, "M-Master Help!" Yelled The Small Pumpkin "Huh My Pet!" Said Tune "Wait Is That Pumpkin Is A Pet?" Questioned Aogielon As He Bump Into The Small Witch, "I'm Sorry!" "Oh Dear You Find My Sweet Pet But I Ca
:iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 3 0
The Day It Rained Candy Corn (Pumpkaboo TF, MC)
"Good Morning Young Lady" Said Tune As She Stands At The Doorstep Of Tricia Jaylene, A Bartender At Café Sandu Bar and Grill But Today She Meet A Small Witch By Her Doorstep  "I Want You To Come With Me, I Have Something To Show You", "Well I Don't Have Work Till Tonight Sure Then" Said Tricia, "Good Then Follow Me" Said The Little Girl, "Where Is The Forest?", "Is Right Here!" Said Tune As She Point At A Forest While At There It Begin To Rain "Hey Can We Come Here Another Time It Starting To-Ow!" Yelped Tricia "Wait Is This...Candy Corn?!" "Yes It Is Wanna Try Some?" Said Tune "Sure I Guess..." Said Tricia As She Grab The Candy Corn From Her Hoodie.
"Bon appétit!" Said Tune As Tricia Hold
:iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 2 0
Anti Cringe Compilations Stamp :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 12 0 :^) :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 1 0 Kateaboo (Kate's Pokemon Form) :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 2 0 Ollivor MYO :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 1 0
Another Year, Another Form (Lakimono TF, MC)
Warning: This Story Will Contain TF, MC, And Some Fluff, If You Not A Fan Of The Items Mentioned Above Please Leave, From AestheticNyx

"Hey Kate, Are You Ready To Go?" Yelled Midori, "Yep I'm Coming!" Replied Kate As She Went Downstairs "I Wonder Were Are We Going For My Birthday?", Midori Smiles As We Went Outside To A Middle Of Of A Forest, "Well Here We Are!" Said Midori Happily, "Is This Some Sick Joke?" Kate Looked Around The Place "No, This Is Where We Going For Your Big Day" Chuckled Midori, "If You Said So..." Mumbled Kate As She Look Around, "Say Midori How Old Is This Forest?" "Older That You Think!" Chucked Midori.
"Strange Yet Odd..." Commented Kate "I Going To Look Around You Stay Here Don't Want Anything Bad To Happen" Said Midori As She Went Off To Find Something Exotic, "Well Looks Like I Have To Wait" Kate Mumbled Ones Again "What Should I Do Now...?",  She Lo
:iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 0 0
Vampire Aesthetic .:F2U Decor:. :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 2 0 Because Everyone Is Doing It....I DO IT THEN! :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 2 0 Kisekae Halloween Coutumes (F2U) :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 5 0 Team Idiot, Mistake and Vape :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 2 0 Y-O-R-U :iconaestheticnyx:AestheticNyx 4 0


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Cocoa Cookie
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"I Wish There Was An Ocean Of Hot Cocoa!" - Cocoa Cookie

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About Me Page

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Where this pear came from!
I don't know but I thick it for saving me from getting eaten!
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Just to let you know "Kate" is not here right now because she asleep!, I will be on this account until April 30!, I hope no one will be angry at me!

From: Cocoa Cookie :)
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Just to let you know "Kate" is not here right now because she asleep!, I will be on this account until April 30!, I hope no one will be angry at me!

From: Cocoa Cookie :)



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